Monetise Your Website With Us

Monetise Your Website with Us 
With our close connections to demand partners and years of expertise in the digital advertising field, we can create tailor made monetisation packages for our publishers.
So, why should you work with us? 
1) Complete transparency from beginning to end - we are absolutely clear about all rates, CPMs and which demand partners we are using - our publishers are be fully informed of everything we do on their behalf and there are no hidden costs. Due to this transparency, our publishers can see the true value that we bring them
2) We put our publishers first and we get you the best possible deals through our exclusive relationships with our host of premium demand partners, both big and small. We negotiate on your behalf for direct campaigns and programmatic deals for all available ad formats on the market
3) We take your account seriously and will provide the highest quality account management for all of our publishers. This means we are on hand to recommend new formats, walk you through on site integration and will continually optimise your ad units for the best possible revenue yield 
4) With decades of experience, the Applaud Media team will not only help you monetise your website but also advise on traffic growth, explore new revenue opportunities and provide general advice to help your business 
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